My 2nd Look

Haven’t been posting because truthfully I have been rather unproductive and haven’t had anything interesting to share -.-”’ On Friday, I started my first set of Invisalgn and that along with the drastic but happily welcomed weather change, my body kind of shut down on me. Instead of trying to power through it as a good, dedicated FIT student typically would, I stayed home all weekend dyeing fabrics, making flowers and sleeping off the pain. Probably did the latter more than anything else.

Anyway, our next big date is 3/27. Fitting Day! We’re all a little nervous since we are one of the last classes to ”fit” and boy have we heard the stories the other classes have had to tell! Nevertheless, we’re attempting to stay positive on this one. In the meantime, I have two dresses that need tending to.

So, I sewed the base of my second dress today. The patterns were pretty on spot which made putting it together pretty straight forward and not at all problematic. Definitely can’t say the same for my other dress. I kept going back and forth between risking making the entire base in illusion tulle or using the more obvious silk organza. Silk organza makes more sense to do, however I really didn’t think it could achieve the nude sheerness I wanted to get in my dress that seemed more possible with illusion tulle. So I gambled and went with illusion tulle.

The evolution and process behind this dress thus far. Kyle helped me see the light, so I am opting against using any white flowers and instead will just be using a variety of custom crimson dip dyed handmade flowers (fancy way of saying my kitchen, stove dyed flowers) to give more dimensionality in the dress. I’m pretty thrilled with how this dress is coming together so smoothly. I’ve still got a ways to go but at least this dress is definitely off to a good start!

In other news, I temporarily quit my job as a waitress! Temporarily, because I told my manager over the phone that I wouldn’t be able to work until after 4/18 (D-Day) so he told me to call him after that and we could figure something out. Hurray! To be honest, I am slightly… actually pretty damn horrified. What does it mean to support oneself and have no source of income whatsoever…? We can find out together! And by that, I really mean I’ll be finding out.

Until then, g’night!

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