Wow, so delirious that I stared at “finally” for a minute before deciding that I had indeed spelled it right. So yes, finally! I’ve figured out the basis of my second look. YAYYY!!! Probably not as exciting of a post as anyone reading this was hoping/expecting, but I have to say at 2am on a Friday morning I am thrilled!

It finally dawned on me why I was so unsatisfied with what I was doing. A little late in the game I know, but better late than much, much later. So, the reason I chose Special Occasion was because I loved embellishing and adding the finishing touches to a garment that gave it that extra something. I was stressed because I wasn’t technically embellishing anything! Yes, I am a bit of a masochist.

A quick mock up. I know it doesn’t look like much, but if you can imagine on top of all this simplicity a crap ton of flowers along with beading and embellishing and shiny things, that will basically be my dress. Really, the most important thing is just to be happy! Not saying I won’t change my mind later and end up being miserable when I am kicking myself for somehow deciding that making a million flowers would be fun but we’ll deal with that when that happens…

(Last semester making flowers in school computer lab)
(Last semester’s final Bridal project w/ ~1000 handmade flowers)

I think I originally tried avoiding flowers again because I’ve already done it and I really wanted to do something different and experiment with something new because it is my last semester and my last chance to really do something on my own terms. Blahblahblah. It really just comes down to me being incredibly stubborn and me now finally realizing that. With almost exactly a month left to produce two garments, it is time to GO! GO! GO!

The only question I have now is… why aren’t seniors allowed access to workrooms 24/7???? Seriously, it is a necessity that has not been seriously addressed yet. It’s not like I’m not already living here anyway…..

CC15 and I say goodnight or goodmorningiguess.

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