Behind the Magic

Working late in the workrooms just always reminds me of 2nd semester when I had Prof. Stipelman for Fashion Art 2. To motivate us to not procrastinate, he told us a story about this boy that literally spent all his time working at school on his senior thesis.  He did a little each day and by the time April rolled around, he had the most beautiful and breathtaking garment he had ever seen. Not only that, Ralph Rucci hired him shortly thereafter. I remember hearing that story and being so impressed that this student left such an impression on our professor and remembered wanting to be just like him.

HA! Careful what you wish for! Now I can’t leave, even if I wanted to… Thankfully I don’t have to suffer through it alone. These are some of the amazing people that make slaving my life away in the workrooms bearable. The dedicated kids of C706. Although we aren’t exactly striving for awards or jobs, we’re still working pretty damn hard and there definitely is no sending-things-out-to-professionals nonsense.








The moral of the story? There definitely isn’t any magic. Just sheer dedication and determination.


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