(Freshman year)

After my major breakdown yesterday, my better half rushed over to pick me up and bring me home probably because he thought I would have otherwise jumped out of one of the workroom windows in my half finished garment. A very reasonable presumption. Went home and de-stressed by eating a lot of junk food, snacking on a LOT of candy (my go to comfort food) and watching tv until I fell asleep.

Hahaa, I swear prospective students will read this blog and will be too mortified to come attend FIT. In the words of my friend Nicole, “tell them to run while they still can!!” Really though, in between all the craziness, there are a lot of great things that make you realize that all this craziness is worth it. Believe me, I could not have come to NYC any more of a n00b.

Honestly, I applied to FIT knowing very little about the fashion world. I remember thinking that Chanel was my favorite designer because I had done a French class project on her and she seemed like a very smart and clever lady.

On the portfolio I applied with, I didn’t even know how to correctly display swatches. I taped the edges of all my swatches because I was afraid of my fabric fraying. Conveniently a pinking shear would have taken care of all of that, that or Prof. Stipelman’s  and my now personal favorite: Poster Tack.

The first and only thing I ever sewed before starting at FIT was my baby sister’s middle school graduation dress. My only goals were to make it fit her and make it look impeccable where it was visible to others. I kept telling myself it was the same as gluing paper together, except instead of glue I was using a sewing machine.

Once I finally made it to FIT, I remember spending my entire first ever sewing class practicing threading and re-threading the sewing machine so I wouldn’t forget later when I came back to the workrooms on my own. There was such a time when the industrial sewing machines were too fast for me so I walked (aka hand machine rolled) my entire 1st semester seam sampler. Twice. And then cried when I got a B+.

I recall when…

Draping was THE hardest and most confusing thing EVER. Squaring muslin was a complicated task. Sewing a basic skirt was impossible. Facings made no sense. Notches were never right. Upperclassmen working on their projects were THE most fascinating people EVER. EVERYTHING needed to be basted together. Cutting fabric to release tension was SO scary. Setting a sleeve in was the biggest nightmare. Seam ripping was the end of the world. The list was literally never ending.

Fast forward 3.5 years later…

This time around, instead of a graduation dress, I made my sister’s Senior Prom dress. I made it in a personal record breaking 5 days, definitely no time for hand rolling. Finished it just in time to overnight it to Madison and have it arrive the morning of her prom.

It really has been such an incredible journey. It is by no means easy, but it is so worth it. And for those curious, Elie Saab and Alexander McQueen are the ones that now own my soul.

But enough reminiscing…

I’ve officially decided. This semester’s motto: If there is a will, there is a way!!!! Rawr!!!!!!!!

I swear this collection will come together even if only by sheer will power alone. Yes, it will!

3 thoughts on “Throwback

  1. I love your blog! You can do it Yvonne! I see you around alot! I should stop and say hi sometime but, don’t want to interrupt anything your doing! Cause we all know our work is intensive! hehe I still remember our textiles class together! Good Luck!! 🙂

    • Aww thanks so much! Please definitely stop by and say hi if you see me, we could all use a breather every now and then anyway 😉

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