STRESSS. STRESSSSSSS. STRESSSSSSSSSSSS. Fellow seniors, need I really say any more? Three days until the anticipated but really dreaded/mortified/paniced/horrified arrival of our critic. Okay, the latter adjectives only describe my state of being, but still. THREE DAYS. My garment has gone through so many transformations, I am no longer able to distinguish what I actually want. I know, definitely NOT where I should be. Trust me. I already shamefully bawled my eyes out in front of all my peers (Nervous Breakdown Number Two).

Today in class, we learned where some of the funding from Mr. Klein’s generous donation towards our senior fashion show was going (if out of loop click here). Our class is now joined by another fellow professor to help assist in giving input on our collection pieces. It really is a great addition, however perhaps we could also move in the direction of helping fund the senior collection pieces? A small stipend perhaps? Asking too¬†much? *Sigh* I figured as much. Anyhow, I digress.

The previous evening, but really morning since I was draping until 2am, I had spent hours figuring out a drape that I would be happy with before finally deciding I LOVED my free flowing cotton bobbinet train look. Fast forward to 2pm the next day… not so much. My professor was not too pleased with the look either. I scraped everything and came up with something like 6 different variations of my original dress. I was too flustered to remember to take pictures of all the different variations, but the asymmetrical was one of the rejects I did remember to snap. In the words of my professor, it looked a little pageant queen-esque. She isn’t wrong. ¬†So, back to the drawing board! 2 days!!!¬†Ifthereisawillthereisawayifthereisawillthereisawayifthereisawillthereisaway.

I need one of these…

Negative Nancy signing out!

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