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Special Occasion invites you behind the scenes into the haute couture world of fashion where the beginning of every fashionista’s dream is born. From every hand embroidery, embellishment to fabric manipulation, the possibilities are limitless.

Follow us as we embark on our last semester at FIT and the beginning of the rest of our lives.

Posts Thus Far (Must click into ”Welcome” post for links to work correctly):

02/27/12: Pushing Forward
02/28/12: Making Progress
03/01/12: DIY Color Matching 101 – The Pursuit of Perfection
03/03/12: Try, Try, Try Again
03/05/12: Fact
03/07/12: 3 DAYS
03/08/12: Throwback
03/10/12: Amsale’s 3/9 Visit Snapshots
03/10/12: Today
03/14/12: Behind the Magic
03/16/12: Finally
03/21/12: My 2nd Look
03/21/12: Sick
03/23/12: Workshop!
03/24/12: Meet My Little Red Monster
03/26/12: Grumpy
03/27/12: One Step at a Time
03/27/12: Amsale’s 3/27 Visit & Model Fitting Snapshots (Part 1 of 3)
03/27/12: Amsale’s 3/27 Visit & Model Fitting Snapshots (Part 2 of 3)
03/27/12: Amsale’s 3/27 Visit & Model Fitting Snapshots (Part 3 of 3)
03/28/12: Fit for Success
03/29/12: MAC Cosmetics Workshop
03/30/12: Busy Bees
04/02/12: Thus Begins Spring Break
04/02/12: Rollin’ With the Punches
04/05/12: Detour
04/13/12: Zipper Time!!
04/19/12: Completion and Prejudging

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