Making Progress









Our critic Amsale’s visit is 3/9 meaning we have a little less than a week now to put 70% of our first look together. Progress is the name of the game and everyone is working hard to make sure they meet the deadline.


Pushing Forward

Note: Dates reflected in photo are not entirely accurate. Judging day is still 4/18.

We have been working on our first garment for the show for a little over three weeks now and our critic Amsale is coming 3/9 to see that at least 70% of the first look is completed as well as checking the muslin for our second look.


The passing of the first and hopefully last (but highly unlikely) meltdown of the semester.

Sometimes you start out with this really great idea in your head and it looks even better on paper, but somehow things manage to fall apart as you are in the process of putting it together. Yup, that was me four days ago realizing I had started something that just was not going to successfully come together. It just did not make sense to continue to dedicate precious time working on it.


The following four days have compiled of me redesigning, re-sketching, re-draping, re-patterning, re-deciding color story, and re-deciding fabrication. On top of everything, my new fabric deciding to be finicky and difficult to work with has basically begged for an unnerving frustration fueled meltdown. Happy to say though that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and if my four years at FIT have taught me anything, it is that if there is a will there will always be a way.

Now the only question is… what will Amsale think of my brand new design… -.-””


Hello, hello!

Special Occasion invites you behind the scenes into the haute couture world of fashion where the beginning of every fashionista’s dream is born. From every hand embroidery, embellishment to fabric manipulation, the possibilities are limitless.

Follow us as we embark on our last semester at FIT and the beginning of the rest of our lives.

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