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Tailoring, old school

Squeee!  Can hardly wait to see this… http://menoftheclothfilm.com/ May this art never be lost! By the way, this film has a Facebook page you can like here: https://www.facebook.com/MenOfTheClothFilm And in case you were wondering about the terminology used: http://www.thehogtownrake.com/?p=984  

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Decadence has Some Repeat Themes

I came across this in this morning’s news.  Fun site, eh? http://tinyurl.com/nwaznnl If you’re curious about 15th and 16th century fashion, the library has lots of books on the subject.  Here are a few: Renaissance Dress in Italy, 1400-1500, by … Continue reading

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Menswear again, and the beauty of the worn

In my post of January 30, 2014, I referred briefly to a book that has some pretty wonderful photography, “Vintage Menswear: A Collection from the Vintage Showroom”.  FIT has been smart enough to purchase this book which was put together … Continue reading

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