Summer dressing, reprise

Hi, all!

We’re busy getting the library ready for the students in the fall, so the next couple of posts will be from the archive. We hope this gives you a chance to catch up on stuff you missed.

This one is the first long posts I put up, way back in 2012. I hope you enjoy it!

tnc boat




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Magazine of the Week

Welcome back, everyone!

Abit cvr

This lovely magazine is published 10 times a year in Milan, and distributed all over the world. We encourage you to get your head filled with cutting edge architecture, design of spaces, and things-to-put-in-spaces design. Of course it also reviews current and new spaces and things.

Abit inside


I pulled this issue even though the current one is June 2016, because I thought you might be interested in the “Best of Design” showcase in the April issue.

Ask for it at the PERS desk!


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Magazine of the Week

Hi, everyone!

nat geo cvr

For a summer time treat, we offer this oldie but goodie, National Geographic. It is published monthly in Washington D.C. We have a complete run of this in the open stacks on the 6th floor. It’s fascinating to see how the title has changed since the National Geographic Society began the printed edition in 1888. The Society (which included Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone) was founded “to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge” and it continues to do so.

From its beginning, the group has funded world exploration, scientific study and experimentation, as well as conservation of the earth and its inhabitants. The founders included noted businessmen, scientists, and explorers. At the time photography was still a new endeavor and National Geographic was the first journal to take advantage of the power of photographed images.

nat geo isl

This is another title which has used the website to expand on every topic the magazine has interest in, then provides much more in-depth coverage and broad resources to accompany the monthly print content.

In particular, they have archived their amazing photos for us:

Come take a look!





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