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Essence, June 2016
Essence, June 2016

Hi, all! Welcome to summer, at last!

madm picnic
Mademoiselle, May 1981

Now that your assignments are done for the summer, we want to suggest lighter reading. It’s true that the FIT library doesn’t have a lot of fiction, but we have lots of other things that might interest you.


oliver twst
PR4567 .A1


We’ve got the great classics of literature, like Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Marcel Proust, Mary Shelley, J. D. Salinger and Toni Morrison. Now could be the time you work your way through the authors you missed in high school.



the-catcher rye cvr
PS3537 .A426 C36



Others have created guides to classic works. The writing style in older titles can be awkward, so these guides can help you get more out of the books.

Some guides on Charles Dickens:

Here’s one for Catcher in the Rye:


I used the words “reading guide” to do a Google search for those, and I’m sure there are tons more of them on the web.

Lula, #22
Lula, #22


Other organizations enjoy the discussion it takes to put together a “Best Books” list, so here are some to look through:

Here is Goodread’s list of the 100 best of the 20th century.

Here is Goodread’s list of the 100 best of the 19th century, since so much of these have become part of our popular culture.

mcq blood
TT505 .M37 W55



Here is Time Magazine’s list of the 100 best books ever.

Here is NPR’s list of the best books of 2015

A simple Google search will give you many more, but you get the idea. But that’s all the highbrow stuff.


prty dress
TT505 .B77 A3


Our stacks are a goldmine of fluffy light reading as well. The fashion world is synonymous with glamorous shows and parties, and many of those people have written books about that life. Others have written memoirs of their working life and apprenticeship in the industry. Here are just a few of those  books.

HQ1206 .D664
HQ1206 .D664




We wish you a safe and restful holiday weekend. And we hope you still come to the library for the many fun things we have here. Have fun out there!


wonderld golf394
Wonderland, Spring 2016
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Magazine of the Week

Happy summer, everyone!

tnl cvr

This week, we encourage you to enjoy the warmer weather and explore the world! Allow us to introduce Travel + Leisure, a monthly title owned by Time Inc.  We subscribe to this title partly for its gorgeous images, partly for its coverage of hotel interiors, and partly for students who need research on luggage styling. For those foodies traveling, they also review restaurants and hotels all around the world.

tnl elephants


Perhaps the best thing about this magazine is the beautiful images. This focus was built into the title’s mission, clearly. When it was first published in 1937 it was called U.S. Camera and Travel. The publishers changed it to the current title in 1971.




tnl bags


Travel + Leisure has used its web presence to greatly expand its content. Their website includes travel guides to different areas around the world, lists of suggestions for things to do for free in NYC, reviews of travelwear such as walking shoes, pillows, and overnight bags, and guides to Disney parks, all illustrated beautifully with amazing photography. It should be no surprise that they also have an Instagram account to maximize the impact of their photographs. They also have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a Pinterest board.

This particular issue is devoted to the 100th anniversary this year of America’s National Parks.

National Park Service Centennial Celebration

Here’s the handy link to find the National Parks nearest you:

Have some great adventures out there!

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Magazine of the Week

Hi, everyone!

app curr cvr

Aperture is unusual in the art world because it was created, designed, curated, and maintained by the people to whom it is aimed. In 1952 this title, which comes out 4 times per year,  was created by a group of established photographers saw a need for a magazine that would highlight quality photographic art in a way accessible to professionals and casual enthusiasts.

app curr wtr“Aperture has been originated to communicate with serious photographers and creative people everywhere, whether professional, amateur or student… Aperture is intended to be a mature journal in which photographers can talk straight to each other, discuss the problems that face photography as profession and art, share their experiences, comment on what goes on, descry the new potentials.” (Aperture, 1:1 1952)



app old



Over the years, the foundation behind the magazine, which became a not-for-profit in 1962, has grown into a major publisher, a museum collaborator, an e-book publisher, an event sponsor, and a collaborator in educational, museum, and benefit programs, all to support the visual arts in general and photography or image creation in particular. More recently, it has added mobile hardware applications to its cross-media platform.



In PERS, we have holdings of this title going back to January, 1965.

There is also, of course, a blog:

Stop by and take a look!

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