Coming soon: Costume Institute Gala!

Preview of MMA show “Heavenly Bodies”. Ensemble by Christian Lacroix, photo by Corey Tenold for Conde Nast.

This is a busy week at FIT, because classes are finishing up and students are turning in the semester’s final research projects. But it’s also the runup to NYC’s biggest fashion event, the Costume Institute Gala. The event is next Monday evening, May 7. As in past years, I’ll write about the red carpet for the gala sometime next week. I’ve included my Red Carpet Bingo card below so you can play along, too.

Just to give you a taste, I’ve included a few recent articles that offer some tantalizing peeks at the objects for the show will be.

Vogue article about conservators unpacking loans from the Vatican.

Gala preview in Vogue magazine

Yes, but how did the Metropolitan Museum of Art negotiate the loan of precious embroidered and antique textiles and jewelry from the Vatican?

Chairpeople for the MMA Gala Mr. and Mrs. Schwarzman, Donatella Versace looking at an embroidered cope at the Vatican. Photo by Domenico Stillenis for AP.


NY Times article about Vatican’s loans to MMA for Gala

Metropolitan Museum of Art’s official announcement of “Heavenly Bodies” exhibition

Teen Vogue article about controversy around combining Catholic imagery and fashion

New Yorker article discussing “Heavenly Bodies” exhibit

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The Future of Fashion, FIT 2018 style

Every spring, FIT’s campus fills up with displays of our students’ best work. But the event we are best known for is our fashion show. It’s no longer so easy to get tickets, but technology has made it easier to share it with the world remotely. You can look at this years’ show (and past years’) here:

FIT’s Future of Fashion shows link

Last week much of the fashion design departments’ student work was briefly on display in our Reeves Great Hall. The library wishes to honor the students’ years of hard work with these images. We hope you have a great time while you were at FIT. We can see you worked hard. We hope that our library materials and people helped you do better work. We congratulate you on this milestone and wish you every success out in the world at large.

The theme this year was “Cabinet of Curiosities”. Intellectual men and women of the Renaissance and Baroque periods collected pieces of natural phenomena such as coral, rock crystal, insects and unusual eggs, and fossils into elegant boxes. These historic cabinets and treasure boxes were the origin of the western science and natural history studies. To help the students research this theme, one of our librarians made this great research guide:

Research guide to Cabinets of Curiosities



The students took this theme many different directions, as you can see here. Their creativity is the best thing about FIT.

These three garments seem inspired by cocoons and leaves.










Some students picked up on particular animals, others abstracted the idea of the earthy growing contents and still others mimicked the cabinets themselves.

The breadth of materials chosen by the students to express these ideas is inspiring.








Many of the garments also played on the idea of exoskeletons and frameworks that reflect the collections of bones and insects in many cabinets of curiosities.

The show also featured student portfolios, along with their business cards and profiles in order to help them launch themselves into the fashion business.




Congratulations to the graduating Fashion Design class of 2018! Well done!

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Congratulations Future of Fashion 2018!

The best thing about working at FIT is the amazing group of super talented people we get to help out: the students! It’s that time of year again when the best work is put on display, and that includes the Future of Fashion Show, on May 3, Thursday, at 7:00pm.

FIT streams this show annually at this url:

You can also look at older fashion shows online at that site.

The FIT Media Department filmed some of the highlights of the fashion show selection day, if you want to take a sneak preview:


If you’re curious about how the students develop their final garments or how the critics work with the students, they now keep a blog telling the story of the process. Here’s this year’s set of stories:

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