FIT: Future of Fashion

On April 25, I posted about the brief open house where students and members of the public alike can look at the final projects of the 2017 graduating class of Fashion Design students. I went over there to take a look, and I wanted to share the pictures I took. Tonight FIT streams the final, edited Future of Fashion 2017 show at 7:00pm, east coast time.

For those of you reading who are not in the FIT world daily, students at FIT go through a base curriculum that lasts one year (intensive) or two years, and provides the base for a range of related programs. In their second year, students can apply for Upper Division, which offers more in depth courses and a bachelor degree upon completion.



Students choose from an art specialization, or Children’s Wear, Intimate Apparel, Knitwear, Special Occasion, Sportswear tracks within the overall apparel specialization.












Choosing Day, when I took these pictures, is the only time that the public and other students and faculty get to see the projects these students have worked on. It’s a treat to see the different ways students’ minds work.







I regret that my viewing time was rushed, so I didn’t get the names of the individual students who produced these works. Please feel free to identify and tag your work in the comments.







I loved the felted texture of the sweater on the right and the creativity of using plastic spoons to create the flowers below.







FIT Fashion Design students finish out another stellar year! Congratulations to all!



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