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Good is a magazine and social media platform with a very specific point of view. It was launched in 2006 with the purpose of providing a platform to encourage grass-roots activism of all sorts. Their mission statement includes the sentences “We aim to create a world (and solutions) that do not force us to choose between what makes money and what does good, or what’s meaningful and what’s fun.”

With its focus on the sustainable energy and environment, education, globalisation, justice for ethnic minorities all over the world, and free speech, it demonstrates a liberal bias but provides consulting and marketing services for all kinds of organizations which seek to influence the world, including such big (and conservative) names as Google, Walgreen’s, Nestle, and Ford Motor Company.

The writing and presentation can be bombastic, such as the article to the right, which begins with the headline, “Unseen Heroes of the Sea: These odd and amazing speciments hold the key to the ocean’s past and our future”.


However, each issue and the website are full of practical articles on topics like “How to Spot the B.S.”, “What It’s Really Like When a Police Officer Kills Your Child”, and “The Good Guide to Saving Energy”.

The magazine Good is part of a larger social network company  with a big vision: to improve the planet for everyone on it. Begun by Ben Goldhirsch, son of entrepreneur and Inc. magazine founder Bernie Goldhirsch, Good clearly had a utopian vision. Like his father, he also employed media as a way of gathering information and energizing new projects.




The organization has suffered some growing pains, awkwardly firing 5 major editors the day after a big party celebrating its 27th issue in 2012. However, it continues to produce engaging, well-written content, housed in an attractive, minimalist format that still has lots of visual interest and colorful infographics. In fact, the website has a whole section just on those infographics.

Come take a look!


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