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Hi, everyone! Welcome to our spring break edition of the Magazine of the Week!

This week we chose Latina, a “lifestyle” magazine that focuses on glamorizing and reporting the daily life of American women of Latin-American descent. The title covers issues of fashion, beauty and health, celebrity gossip, music, Latin-influenced and targeted media of all kinds, as well as professional tips for negotiating the Anglo-American world.


In 1996 Christy Haubegger, a Mexican-American from Texas, founded this bilingual title. Haubegger’s passion to see Latin-American women included in the media drove the project, and she continues to work on other media projects on this theme.








The market was and continues to be receptive, with Advertising Age choosing the title as the Best Magazine of 2000. In the same year, the parent company expanded to form Latina Media Ventures, which is involved in all kinds of projects to illustrate Latin-American people in the American media.



The content is heavily celebrity driven, with coverage of telenovela stars as well as mainstream Hollywood and music industry stars alongside beauty and career advice.

Come up and take a look!

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