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In honor of Pride month, we show off this cool title:

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This title, published in San Francisco, is officially called DotFourTwoNine. It’s published 5 times a year, and was begun in 2013. The title is an old LBGT code for “gay”, based on the letters G-A-Y on the phone dial. Founded by and aimed at LBGT professionals, the primary goal of this title is to inspire confidence and provide professional inspiration and advice for members of the LGBT community.

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The publishers’ intention is to encourage professional and creative ambitions among the community by publicizing trailblazers in the entertainment, arts, political, and tech arenas. Their secondary goal is to promote professional networking as well. Both print and website address finances, leisure activities, design, and everything entertainment. Layouts include coverage of the art scene, films, poetry, painting, fashion, and photography.



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The magazine itself reflects the most current publishing trends. Some sections are printed on matte paper with light, minimalist typefaces, and watercolor header illustrations (e.g. the page above) Other articles are printed on glossy paper, and feature lush, hyper-real photographs of art, or fashion, or the celebrity under discussion. Whimsical illustrations abound. Most of the ads are designer menswear, cologne, and “men’s” accessories. The articles address a range of artists and celebrities, both past and present, and provide an interesting window into current pop culture.


Four Two Nine 87

Come take a look!

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