I Dream in Color…

fabric store 39th
The thrill of the hunt: one of many fabric stores on 39th street between 7th and 8th avenues

Welcome back everybody! It’s a new school year at FIT. The library is bustling and full of students again. And that means that people are looking for inspiration for their projects.

For me, that means colors. When I’m working hard, I need to take breaks and go touch colors and textures.  There are a couple of ways I do this.  Art supply stores always make my heart sing.  Something about all the colored pencils or watercolors, or inks and paper, waiting to be drawn upon…

Fabric shopping takes this one better:  In addition to the aspect of color that can be laid flat on a page, there’s the dimension of texture, the attraction of taking a flat piece of fabric (that still floats and pools on the floor or table of the fabric store, reflecting light and tempting me towards darts and seams and shirring and contrasting linings) and gradually turning it into a three-dimensional object with a future history of its own: as a dress, or a jacket or a hat.  Silk is the most seductive textile for this, and the fabric store that always gives me inspiration is this one:


This appears to be their corporate headquarters, but the store looks like this:


(Although please understand that the FIT library doesn’t know Laura, whose website that is, and can make no claims about her sewing.  She does take a good picture of a fabric store, though!)

But something about this time of year turns my mind towards wools.  I suppose it’s the cooler, crisper evenings, but all I can think about are my knitting projects.  I took out my knitting stash this weekend so I could think about what projects I wanted to attack next.  I’ve been collecting all kinds of wonderful fibers, it seems, for years.  Much faster than I can knit it!  But it serves as an inspiration for colder days to come.

So here are some yarns that make me drool:




and this:


I mean, seriously, don’t you need something in a color named “villainess”?  (and here I shout out Erin at BGC’s excellent library for bringing this to my attention…)  The color names on this company’s yarns are especially wonderful.  Just to keep you going, here’s another:


And just to bring this back to periodicals,

The most beautiful, inspiring, wonderfully-photographed magazine we have in FIT’s library has to be Bloom.   Which you can use for free, just by coming by the Periodicals Desk on the 6th floor, and filling out a call slip.  See you soon!

The cover of the current issue of Bloom magazine



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