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Are the schedules for classrooms with CS6 InDesign (with folio builder) posted anywhere? I know that C302, C304 and cc15A have the updates, but am not sure when they are open.

I need to get into one of them on Saturday morning to finish a project – C232 is open, just not until after 1pm.

Is there somewhere I can see the schedules for open rooms?

Kate McCroary

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Hi Kate,

Thanks for writing back. I was able to get an answer from Academic Computing:

“CC15/CC15A are open labs and is open 24 hours until the end of the semester. C302 , C304 & C306 do not offer lab hours. As for C232, the hours are posted on the bulletin board outside of the room.  In addition, all lab hours are posted in a glass case outside outside ACC’s main office (C220). For clarity it’s located opposite the wall of C205. The hours will change when the semester ends and new hours will be posted for the summer.

Michele Barbel
User Support Supervisor
Academic Computing Center

For any additional readers,  I am linking back to a previous post about CS6 Folio and what rooms it is available in:

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