Google’s New Classroom

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Google Classroom IconA day like today is one where I am so proud to be a part of the migration of FIT to Google Apps for Education. After the announcement this morning from Google about its preview of “Classroom” I had a flurry of email asking if we would have this, and more importantly…when?

Right now you can only apply to be a beta tester of Classroom, and we have applied. So fingers crossed maybe we will be a chosen lucky group to see the new tool before the anticipated September release date.

From the Google Official Blog:

Today, in honor of Teacher Appreciation Day, we’re announcing a preview of Classroom, a new, free tool in the Google Apps for Education suite. It helps teachers create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently, and communicate with their classes with ease. Classroom is based on the principle that educational tools should be simple and easy to use, and is designed to give teachers more time to teach and students more time to learn.

Check out more details on the Official Google blog post.

For more details about FIT’s Migration to Google see our FIT Google Help Site.



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