May 1st: WordPress Upgraded to 3.9

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WordPress IconWe have upgraded to WordPress 3.9, “Smith”, today. You will see a few important feature upgrades that will greatly help in your editing processes. I am especially excited about working with media with the new changes. Hosting a multi-site instance of WordPress is never easy, and each blog is in its own way its own little world.  The direction that WordPress is taking to integrate more functionality natively certainly reduces the reliance on third party widgets and plugins to get a new user up and running. Don’t get me wrong – the plugins are still incredible, but in a world where we need to train folks quickly to get up and running, WordPress – I thank you!

The below video from WordPress give an intro to the new features.

Some of the biggest changes will be noticed right inside the posting window including the ability to drag images for quick scaling and the ability to drag and drop images right into the post instead of needing to launch the media library. Galleries can be viewed from the post rather than seeing the infamous placeholder box. Widgets can also be previewed without having to first save the changes.


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