Why is there not single-sign on to Gmail in MyFIT?

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While I appreciate the features of g-mail, I am wondering if I am logging in correctly.  When I log in via MyFIT, I have to log in a second time to g-mail.  Other schools I am at which teach simply log me directly into g-mail from their university site, without a second log-in.
Thank you for you kind attention to this matter.

Samuel Albert

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Hi Samuel,
Thanks for the great question. You can go directly to google.com, or to gmail.com and log in once with your FIT email address and password.
The new gmail button in MyFIT is there because many are used to accessing their mail through the portal and we didn’t want to take that option away.
Hope this helps,
Meredith Perkins


This process is by design. Since email is such an important business process at FIT, this design will keep email functioning even if the entire campus is down. If you use SSO (single sign-on) and our Datacenter goes down you will not be able to access your email.

-Stephen C

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