Alumni WorkRoom Wifi Signal

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@FITTechHelp comment: alumni workroom wifi connection is non-existent making it very difficult to get work done

Dear Alejandra,

TechHelp sent our Networking Team to address the issue of wireless connectivity in the Alumni Hall Workroom. They checked the equipment and found nothing to be damaged. They were able to connect to the network FITDORM27.

Make sure you connect to the network FITDORM27 and not to FITAIR. FITAIR is broadcast from across the street so the signal is weak in the dorms.

If you are still having issues connecting to FITDORM27, please contact 212-217-HELP (4357) so we can work with you further, there are other factors that we can try to address to help you in the best way possible.

Thanks, @FITTechHelp


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