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This is actually a suggestion for the MyFIT ‘Announcements and Web Services’ landing page. If IT is not the right dept to send this to, could you tell me which dept decides the content for MyFIT?

The college’s official academic calendar is remarkably hard to find on the main website. It’s buried on the Registrar’s Office page, where most students wouldn’t know to look for it. It would be very helpful to students, staff and professors alike if, on MyFIT under the FIT Web Resources heading, there could be a direct link to the FIT Academic Calendar. There was considerable confusion this semester about which day’s classes were over when — for professors and students alike. It would be very helpful to have an easy way for the FIT community to access that calendar.

Thanks for listening!
Alane Marco

Ask IT Answer:

Hi Alane,
Thanks so much for your post!  It is a great suggestion and I have forwarded it internally in IT and also to the office of Communications and External Relations.
All the best, and please send on any other ideas you have!
Meredith Perkins
Technology Development Team


Hi Alane,

We like your suggestion and think it’s a smart idea. We will be adding a link to the academic calendar in the ‘FIT Web Resources’ channel on MyFIT. We are waiting to hear back from the College Relations office for the most up-to-date link before we add it.

Have a great weekend!
Reuben Marcus


Reuben M. Marcus

Manager, Portal and Web Services


Fantastic! I think it will be useful to a lot of people.

All the best,
Alane Marco

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  1. Reuben Marcus says:

    Sorry this took so long. I never heard back from certain people and then was distracted by high priority projects. I just added the link.

    Thanks again for the suggestion.

    Reuben Marcus

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