Digital tattoos and virtual shadows

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How you present and protect your personal information is, and always should be, a constant concern in the world of smart phones, twitter, Facebook  or whatever the social media medium de jour. I read this post by Kate Torrgovnick on the TED blog called “Two ways of thinking about social media: digital tattoos and virtual shadows,” on a TED talk given by Juan Enriquez: Your online life, permanent as a tattoo, and wanted to share it because it describes how we electronically “tattoo” ourselves and leave behind a digital shadow of our activities and whereabouts. It also questioned how much we actually live in the present versus just trying to capture it.

A reality in this Ted Talk is that with the advancement of social media related technologies such as facial recognition, your personal history or “digital tattoos” could be searched and presented all because your face is recognizable in a photograph.  I am not doing this talk justice in the slightest, so below is the Juan Enriquez presentation.


Just this morning a good friend of mine said his son was performing in a school play and my first question was “Are you filming it?”  His reaction was that no, he would leave filming it to someone else because he wanted to be “in the moment” to experience the event rather than behind a camera. Good man.

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