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Why is it that I pay upwards of $12,000 a semester to go to school and live in the dorms at  IT and I get better wifi reception at the Starbucks down the street? I feel as if the high tuition I pay, as well as the tuition the other 2,000 people that live in the FIT dorms pay, is more than enough to cover the costs of an efficient wireless internet system. No, I do not want to use an Ethernet cord because that would mean me sitting on my roommate’s bed to do my homework. I realize there are over 10k students enrolled in FIT, 2k of which live in the dorms, but we’re nearing the end of 2012 and decent internet is not uncommon any longer feel as if it is The Department of Information Technology’s responsibility to uphold to this standard. Its a little ridiculous that I can’t even load www.google.com in the comfort of my own dorm,that I pay to live in. I don’t want your apologies or condolences, I want something done about it; and I’m certain that my roommates, my floor-mates, the coed residents, and the residents of the other dormitories feel the exact same way.

– Jeffrey Benjamin


Hello Jeffrey,

I understand your situation and apologize for the troubles you are experiencing. IT is fully aware of the wireless issues in the dorms and please be rest assured that we are taking some drastic measures to better the wireless infrastructure in the dorms. Within the next few days IT will form a plan of action to try to remedy all the wireless issues that have been happening in the dorms. In the mean time I suggest you buy a longer ethernet cord so you can be on your side of the room and still use internet. Once again I apologize on IT’s behalf and be rest assured that IT is fully aware and are working really hard to rectify this problem.


Sumit Bagchi

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