Deteriorating Classroom Conditions

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It is time for some serious attention to be paid to the deteriorating conditions in the classrooms in which we teach.  Primarily:  C409, C415A, C415B, C415C, CC16, and CC40.  The furniture has not been cleaned in a very long time.  Table tops and keyboards are filthy.  They used to be kept clean by work study students and techs assigned to the various classrooms.  Not happening now.  Lose wires around and not properly bundled so students can become entangled in them, or not enough slack so difficult to use mice.  Seats are stained on chairs.  Some chairs are broken and need replacement.

CC40 has a ceiling that has damage and work station that has been taken out of service because of the water that was coming onto it.  Only repair is covering the monitor with a white cloth.

Thank you for your attention to this.  These rooms are difficult enough to work in with air flow issues, etc.   When you add bad housekeeping to the mix then students take even less care, and their attitude about the course being taught suffers as well and they don’t realize it is because of the environment.

Sent  by Aaron Schorr (Faculty, Production Management)



Dear Aaron,

We appreciate your interest and care of the classroom environment. This is an ongoing issue when our classrooms are constantly in use. We are doing the best that we can to cope with staff shortage. It is, however, not an excuse but rather an explanation which everyone deserves to know since we are a community.

Just so everyone will know the labs and classrooms undergo a massive cleaning prior to the start of each semester. The following items are routinely cleaned; keyboards, monitors, desks, computers, whiteboards, and shampooing of the carpets. In some rooms chairs are shampooed, as well. We also have the technicians work on wire management in our rooms. Please bear in mind that there is a high volume of classes and lab hours in these classrooms which causes a lot of wear and tear on the classrooms.

The department is continuously working to address each of your concerns as listed below.

  • Chair cleaning – Buildings and Grounds is taking care of the chairs
  • Computers, keyboards, desktops, and whiteboards we will enhance our schedule to meet the high traffic
  • Cable management – the issue will be revisited by the technical staff
  • Broken chairs – we will continue to monitor for broken chairs

Moving forward, we will look into purchasing chairs that are stain resistant and sustain wear and tear much better.  The department is also looking into having some of our classrooms painted. We will also work with our other IT groups to try and find a better wire management solution.

Again, thanks for your concern and interest in the Academic Computing environment. Our continued partnership will make the teaching and learning experience a better experience for all concerned.

From: Academic Computing, Michele Barbel

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  1. Gregg Chottiner says:

    Aaron, Thanks again for highlighting the issues found in the classrooms. IT is in the process of inventorying all Smart and Computer classrooms to obtain a status of environmental issues. After the inventory, I’ll get a meeting scheduled with Academic Affairs and Facilities to develop a remediation plan.

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