Reset Your Password vs. Change Your Password

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It may sound like quibbling but there is a difference between resetting your password and changing your password.

When  you reset your password you are setting it back to the initial password (the first one you ever got at FIT) which is your date of birth in the default format of MmmDDYYYY example Jan031979. Keeping your password as the default isn’t advised because many people know your birthday, so why is this even an option?

This option is given for those that forget their password, forgot to change it before it expired (remember passwords expire every 120 days; equals about a semester) or for some other reason their password is not working. To use this tool you must know the last four digits of your FIT ID number (@number) and the last four digits of your social security number or answer one of the security questions you set. It is advised that everyone set security questions especially international students that do not have a social security number. Once you have answered the key questions correctly your request will be processed this takes up to 15 minutes, accessing your account without waiting the 15 minutes can interrupt the process, so waiting will save you time and energy.

FIT Password Reset - Processing Data

When you change your password you select a new password that meets FIT’s password  requirements. To use this tool you will need to know your current password.

Your new password must contain at least 3 of the following:

  • A Capital Letter (A-Z)
  • A Lowercase Letter (a-z)
  • A Numeral (0-9)
  • Non-Alpha Character (@,#,$, %)

It must contain at least 6 characters, cannot contain your name or be the same as one of your last 4 passwords.

Examples of acceptable passwords: Ilove$, FIT4ever, 2login2FIT and Fashion37. It’s okay to be creative, always choose something that cannot be easily guessed by someone else but you will remember.

If you need help with your password you may call 212-217-4357 (HELP), email with your FIT ID number (@number) requesting a new password or come to C305B.

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