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From Carly Hewitt

I just got the new iphone 4 for verizon and can’t get my e-mail set up.


Thank you for your question, Carly. You can find instructions for configuring your phone to receive FIT email on the Self Service Help Desk website, IT 4 FIT updates the instructions as new details and issues for setting up phones occurs.

I have included the most up to date instructions below but be sure to check the Self Service Help Desk for updates to the instructions.

How do I configure my phone to receive my FIT email?

New models/generations of phones are constantly being released; therefore, steps may vary based on phone. All information needed from IT 4 FIT has been provided below. If you are unable to set up your email or cannot reach the add account page please consult your phones manual or contact your service provider.

Account Type/Protocol: POP3
Email Address: Your FIT email address;
Password: Your FIT Password

Incoming Server:

Outgoing Server: If asked for an outgoing email server you must contact your phone service provider.

Exceptions: Sprint customers and Verizon iPhone customers.

Sprint no longer provides email services and an outgoing email server. Verizon only provides email services to FiOS or DSL customers, contact Verizon if you are a FiOS or DSL customer.

For all other Sprint and Verizon customers: to set up your FIT email you must use the outgoing mail server of a public email service such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo.

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  1. If Cell says:

    Few times ago I got the same case. Thanks for the information! :)

  2. DSL-Stadt says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I wantet to configure my telephone for FIT mail and now there is no problem.

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