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From Xue Xia:

Dear Support,

I am wondering if the iPad is supported to get on the school wifi? Do I need to download some sort of anti-virus app in order to get on the network?


Xue Xia


Hello Xue, Thanks for your question.  I am posting directions below.

If you go into “Settings” you  should be able to choose “FITNET” under the options for wifi.

  • When you go to use the browser, you will receive a pop-up window stating the “Wi_Fi can’t verify the identity.”  Hit “Continue”
  • The next window called “Log-in for Web Authentication” will come up.
  • Enter your FIT username (firstname_lastname) and your FIT password.
  • If your username and password is correct, you will be redirected to one additional window called “Network Access Control”
  • Hit the “Start” link to continue to the process of entering your username, password, phone number, etc.
  • A quick program will run to register your iPad to the network.
  • You will be told to close safari, but at this point you should be able to use the wifi.

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