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Sent by Ezgi Todurge:

The NJT website says to log onto FIT’s website and to sign up for the monthly bus passes with a student discount rate. However, I am not able to find this “Quik-Tik Online Pass Program” on FIT’s website. Could you please help me?

Here is what the New Jersey Transit’s website states:

“College students, you can save 25 percent on your NJ TRANSIT Monthly Pass when your school participates in our University Partnership Program. Getting the discount is simple. Enroll through your participating college’s website in our Quik-Tik online pass program for a monthly rail, bus, or light rail pass. The colleges listed are already partners in the program”


Hi Ezgi,

The link appears on the campus portal site, MyFIT: under the “FIT Web Resources” heading.  I checked to be sure that the plan is still active, which it is, but is only offered by New Jersey Transit to full-time students.  If you are a part-time student, the link may not appear for you on the welcome page.

Our software group contacted their point person at New Jersey Transit asking that they update their wording to be a little more precise on the offering.  Thanks so much for your question!

Meredith Perkins

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  1. Marla Villanueva says:

    Hi! I am a full-time student. I had the same question as Ezgi, and I tried following your instructions; however I don’t actually see the link under that heading. Thanks for your help.

    • Reuben says:

      You should see it there now – on the MyFIT tab, within the “FIT Web Resources” channel toward the bottom.

      BTW, you must purchase your pass by the 10th of the previous month you’ll be riding.

      –Reuben – IT

  2. Bird says:

    hmm.. I can not go to ..seem like server is down. I will try again later..

  3. Kiersten Kozbial says:

    I am a summer high school student. When I went to the NJT office, they said I was eligible for the discount during the month that I attend classes, however, I do not have the link available either. Will the link come available during the summer? I could not get an official school stamp and just paid full price last summer. 25% is a nice discount.

  4. Kyle Messinger says:

    I also went on and followed the directions and there is no link. I am a full-time student who will be starting Fall 2012. I will be traveling home on NJ Transit and the discount will come in handy. Please advice. Thank you.

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