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An announcement was made last week that an invitation-only beta test is starting to try a new Google Cloud Connect with Microsoft Office.  So what does that mean? This would allow you to synchronize spreadsheet, documents, and presentation files using the MS Office interface, but add the value of the easy to use collaboration component of Google docs.

Image that you have typed up a MS Word Doc that you would like to share with a friend or colleague to edit.  Now, we save the document, and either email it as an attachment or save it in a shared drive.  The next user opens the document, makes changes, and repeats the process.  By adding the functionality of Google Docs, you both (or more than two people) could be editing the document simultaneously and you can even see where the other person’s cursor is sitting. Or let’s say you are keeping a spreadsheet of addresses for an event.  Multiple people can update the same list so that it is always current and always available.  No more emailing back and forth, no more figuring out which document is the most recent version, it is all there for you in the cloud.

Since many are familiar with what the interface of MS Office looks like, you may want to explore what Google docs is all about.

Google has not yet released a date for the public launch, but this is, in my opinion worth watching out for.

More information can be found in this recent Google blog post “A bridge to the cloud: Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office.”
and also in this Campus Technology article: “Google Releases Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office in Limited Beta”

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