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ASK IT form questions & comments from Krystal:


Where do I go or what do I have to do to be able to use wifi on my laptop at school?

Thank You


Hi Krystal,

There are two networks that you can join while on campus.  If you are in the dorms, “DORMNET” would be your selection, or if across the street in the classrooms/common areas, “FITNET” would be your selection.  If you need help connecting to either of the networks, please see the this page of instructions on
connecting to the wireless network from the IT for FIT Self Service Help Desk.  If you still having trouble, please visit Customer Service in room C305b.  The hours for in-person help are: Monday -Thursday 8:30AM – 10PM, Friday 8:30AM -9PM, and there are special Laptop Walk-in Hours Monday – Friday 6PM-9PM

Thanks so much,

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