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From Carole Delentiner:

I received an email the other day reminding me that my password was going to expire.  I changed my password, waited several hours and then logged on to MyFIT with no problem.

The next day I tried to log on to Angel and received a message that my password was “invalid.”  I recalled that the same thing happened the last time I changed my password.  However, at that time I was on campus and was able to go to IT where the problem was resolved and I chose my new password.

Since I am not on campus and won’t be until the end of August, I called IT and was given a new password which does work on both the portal and Angel.  However, since we are required to change passwords to ensure security, I must note the irony in the fact that my “new” password was issued to me by someone at IT.  I do not want to take the chance and attempt to change my password and then find myself back at square one (not able to log on to Angel).

Since this is a repeat of a problem I had in January and I assume that I am not the only person this has happened to, is anyone looking into this?

Thank you, Carole


Hi Carole, thank you so much for your question.  I checked in with Customer Service about this and have an answer for you From Sumit Bagchi:

“Once you change your password and you have logged onto MyFit successfully, in order for that password to synch for Angel you will have to go to Angel via MyFit the first time.
Once you click on the Angel link in MyFit the password kicks over there.

After this you can directly go to Angel and then log in directly but the first time after the password is changed you have to log onto Angel via MyFit.

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  1. Carole Deletiner says:

    Hi Sumit,

    In fact, that is precisely what I did. I successfully logged on to MyFit with my new password and then clicked on Angel. That is when I received the “Invalid Password” message.


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