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From faculty member Barbara Burger:

I teach U4ia but we know this happens to students of other programs.  It may be worse with U4ia because it’s older and less flexible.  The problem is corrupted files.  A student can save a file fine to their flash drive, Y drive or J drive but when they go to open it up the program tells them the file can not be opened.  Sometimes I can open their files on a U4ia station not on the school network (my business has U4ia).  Sometimes I can open the file on another station on the network and sometimes I can reboot and the file will open.  This isn’t often and too many times my students are redoing work they had considered done.  I believe it’s a problem with either the network or the systems not with U4ia.  This happened far too ooften this semester and my students were usually working on the computers in the basement.  I would, as would my colleagues, be very grateful if you could fix this.


Hi Barbara, I asked Olufemi Ariyo from Academic Computing to address this:

Dear Barbara,

We have worked with Lectra in years past on the issue you described. Please look over the points below.
U4ia projects are made of up three individual files. You have the .RST, .IFF, and the saved U4ia document itself. These files are constantly being modified in the background.

1. Lectra suggests that users work locally and then backup to storage media (USB, Campus Files, etc). Users should avoid working directly from USB drives or the network. They should also avoid saving directly to a USB/portable storage from U4ia. U4ia does not warn the users when the storage area is full. However, the operating system will show an error message if the USB or storage is full when copying to it using Windows Explorer.
2. Clipboard files (.RST) tend to get very large. The file may get corrupted if there are too many images in it. Users should create multiple clipboard files and backup their files often. Academic Computing Center (ACC) technicians can recover corrupted clipboard files. We can also send corrupted files to Lectra for analysis.
3. Users should avoid moving/coping project files while the application is open. The application should be properly exited before project files are moved/copied.
4. Inform ACC technicians about the problem. We will come in to help and troubleshoot the problem. We will also contact Lectra Support and track the issue until a solution is provided. ACC support number is posted on the telephone in the computer classroom.
5. Avoid using long file names. For example, a file name like “True color window green plaid skirt with blouse -5-25-10 ver2” is not uncommon with U4ia users. The computer might save the file but trouble will ensue when the file path is appended to the file name for access. This explains why some files open/not open when moved to other machines.

I would like to see some of the corrupted files if you have them. I would also appreciate an opportunity to talk to you further about other solutions from Lectra. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.



Olufemi Ariyo
Technology Coordinator, ACC

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  1. barbara burger says:

    I have had students save locally to the J drive and still the problem happened. I had them save locally and then drag (after exiting U4ia) to their flash drive and still it happens. I have told them saving directly to flash drives is an issue so they don’t. The problem isn’t with clipboard files but with regular U4ia files. I instruct my students to keep their clipboard files relatively small but will further endeavor to make sure they keep their file names small. It doesn’t only happen in class but when they are working on their projects in the lab. When they have a problem they usually try to see someone in IT but as students often work late when it happens its too late for IT to help them. As for saving when drives are full students are encountering this not when they save directly to U4ia but when they drag and drop. We have found that files are being deleted most of the drives are making an invisable folder and still keeping the files in it. When I delete this folder then the flash drives are free to take on information. I don’t know how to stop this from happening either.

  2. Femi Ariyo says:

    FIT has a support contract with Lectra. Please gather as much of the corrupted files as you can and share them with me. I will open a support ticket with Lectra. You may also contact Lectra directly at 1.877.4.LECTRA


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