Matching Colors in Apple Keynote

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Here is a function within Apple’s presentation software, Keynote, that allows you match any color up on your screen.

Lets say you have a title on a slide and it would look great if it cold just be that exact color blue in the image you are using. well, that’s possible  and here’s how you do it.

In the photo below of Stonehenge, I placed the word “Stonehenge” in white font.  It doesn’t look bad, but I would really like to match it to one of the blue colors from the sky in the photo to give it consistency.


  1. Select the text box
  2. Open the Inspector
  3. Click on the Text tab
  4. Click on the Color Selector Box (when selected the outside of the box will turn gray)
  5. When the Color window opens, choose the first option , the color wheel.
  6. Click on the magnifying glass icon.
  7. Your mouse has now become the magnifying glass with crosshairs in the middle
  8. Move the magnifying glass over any color that you choose and click once to pick up that color.  Your text should now be changed to that color.  I chose one of the subtle blues.


That’s it, and you use for other things as well, such as shapes, or color fills.

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  1. Mel Nichols says:

    Meredith, thanks very much for this. It’s saved me a lot of grief.

  2. arts college says:

    Well, you use for other things as well, such as shapes, or color fills.

  3. Julia says:

    Thank you so much for the great instructions, simple to follow and so useful!

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