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Thanks to Lenore Davis and Lorraine Laskiewicz, we now have some new information about how best practices on sharing folders/files through FIT’s document management system, WebFiles.

If you have created a folder within WebFiles and shared that folder with one or more person you can add additional files or subfolders.  The best way to do this is to open the shared folder and use the UPLOAD feature to directly upload into the folder.  For example if I had a shared folder called “TDT docs,”  When I double click that folder to open it I will see the “breadcrumb” navigation will tell me I am in my directory (Meredith_Perkins) and within the TDT Project folder.

Navigation in WebFiles

Navigation in WebFiles

If I use the Upload feature while in the TDT Projects folder and file or folder that I upload will retain the sharing permissions originally set.


Here is where it gets a little tricky:

If I have that same folder, TDT Projects, that I have shared with one or more person and MOVE a file (not upload, but move from another location with Webfiles) that file or folder will not inherit those sharing permissions.

How to fix that?

If you have moved files into a shared folder (again, moved – not uploaded) and the person(s) you have shared the folder with cannot see that shared file, follow these steps to reset the permissions:

  1. Right click on the shared folder
  2. Choose Manage
  3. Chose Permissions
File Permissions

File Permissions

4.  Select the “Advanced Permissions” Tab
5.  Review the permissions set for Read, Read/Write, or Read/Write/Administer Options
6.  Select the “Overwrite Permissions” button.

Check your Permission levels

Check your Permission levels

Done.  Now the original sharing permissions you set on the folder will apply to all files or subfolders.

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