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At the risk of coming across as some sort of Apple fanatic (those of you that know me can attest to that fallacy) , I wanted to post this beautifully done short clip that a group called Transparent House did in honor of the release of the iPad. Enjoy.

PS: KILL FLASH. Before viewing on Vimeo, click on the link under the description of the film to “Switch to HTML5 player”. Let’s help rid the world of the poor technology that is Flash, one clip at a time. You can also change your preferences on YouTube as well. Thanks!

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  1. James Pearce says:

    Nicely done piece, not sure I agree with you and Jobs about Flash though! There seems to be a battle royale brewing between Apple and Adobe. In the interest of the user I think apple should at least provide the option to run flash content on their mobile devices.

    • Paul Reyman says:

      My concerns with proprietary plug-in based rich internet application technologies like Flash and Silverlight have to do with instabilities inherent in the respective codes; resource hogging and crashes, incompatibilities and general slowness. The fact that Steve Jobs wants Flash to go away doesn’t shape my opinion, my experience with Flash and Silverlight does. HTML5 is an industry standard that Apple, Google, and Mozilla, amongst others, are backing based upon its stability with all browser platforms and open standards. I have no experience creating content for web, but I know that, as an admin and end user, Adobe and Microsoft’s products, in these cases, are not the best or perhaps not even preferable to what a technology like HTML5 seems to promise. As mobile device processors get “lighter” the need for technologies that use less resources becomes inevitable. This is not a battle between companies, in my opinion; it is a uncompromising search for the best new technological ideas.

  2. Eric Kaplan says:

    Hi! When I performed freelance work a few years back, I used to learn powerpoint, excel and word. I found the site to be very helpful in acquiring the skills I needed.

    I recommend the videos–they are very well crafted.

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