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Due to an overwhelming response to the new offering to try an error message “Your organization’s licenses are currently all in use. Please try back again later.” was received by many trying the service.

The number of concurrent sessions availabe has been increased so everyone should be able to access the site now.  We would love to hear your feedback to this service.  Please use the “Ask-IT” tab on this blog.  Or please feel free to add a comment to this post.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope this service will prove to be of great benefit to the FIT community.

You can access ON CAMPUS by clicking here:

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  1. Meredith Perkins says:

    ASK IT form questions & comments:

    Karen Gentile:

    Hello, I hope you will put this software training tutorial service through, especially with on and off campus access.
    This would benefit everyone. Sincerely, Karen Gentile, Chair TSD

  2. Meredith Perkins says:

    ASK IT form questions & comments:

    Bryan Gucwa: has an excellent reputation in the industry. I was surprised to see many courses that are applicable to IT and our IT infrastructure (SQL, Mac OS X Server, Scripting languages and technology, XML, Web development, etc). Highly recommended, and thanks for offering this!

  3. Margaret Nawrot says:

    My first impressions (after a very quick look on The list of offerings is very large. Instruction level is clearly marked. Seems like there is something there for everyone. A tutorial I opened (Project 2007) seemed thorough and clear.
    Definitely makes me want to check out more.
    I also think it would be wonderful to have access to this tutorial service off-campus. For most of us our workload makes it near impossible to undertake online tutorials at our desks.

  4. Meredith Perkins says:

    ASK IT form questions & comments:

    Brian Emery:

    I have been using for many years, and it is an invaluable tool. Right now I continue a yearly subscription which is quite expensive, and I think it would be amazing to have open access to the site. I know many other faculty use Lynda and find it very useful as well. I think this would be a great asset for our faculty.


  5. Daria Sanchez says:

    I currently subscribe to It would be great to have this service in addition to the IT software training options. Best, Daria – CG Dept.

  6. Meredith Perkins says:

    Paul Reyman:

    This is just fantastic. Thanks to all.

    Paul Reyman
    Macintosh User Support Supervisor
    ITS-Academic Computing Center
    Fashion Institute of Technology

  7. Erica Portnoy says: offers so many courses in a wide variety of areas, which is very helpful. It is also so easy to use.

  8. Donna Lehmann says:

    Since MS Frontpage and Expressions are still included as part of our MS Home Use Agreement, would be great to be able to point people to some training on those programs!

  9. Rob Kahn says:

    It came to my attention is being “auditioned. I have used the service for many years and found it very useful, not only for learning software, but more important for observing their teaching methodology which is very logical step by step and slowly paced. There are many aspects of their methodology I have incorporated in my classes. Their lessons are project oriented an designed for those who are semi comfortable with graphic programs in general.

    They have many levels approaches of the same program, Example: Flash for Designers, Flash for Animators, Flash focusing on ActionScript – beginning; intermediate…

    By contrast another site (mainly for Adobe products) is Total Training which I find geared more towards learning all features of a package. The pace is much faster and geared more to those who are already knowledgeable of graphics software packages if not the one featured in the lessons.

    The expense is relative. If you are studying one “class” for a program it’s expensive. If you are studying many programs at many levels, it’s worth it.

    I would absolutely take advantage if the school provided access.

  10. Norma Campbell says:

    I’ve had a personal subscription to for about two years now. I learned CSS and Dreamweaver there. I’m halfway through the Flash tutorials. I’ve also used it for reference with advanced HTML and Adobe Premiere.

    It’s so so so awesome!!! I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t log in and learn!

  11. Meredith Perkins says:

    Eric Kaplan:

    Hi! When I performed freelance work a few years back, I used to learn powerpoint, excel and word. I found the site to be very helpful in acquiring the skills I needed.

    I recommend the videos–they are very well crafted.

  12. Stephenie Futch says:

    This is great! The information is so extensive and in-depth. What a great resource, keep up the good work.

  13. Vanessa Roa says:

    I’m an FIT Student and my Midterms are coming up. Having something like this would be a great benefit. Please do this!

  14. Meredith Perkins says:

    ASK IT form questions & comments:

    Amanda Elliot:

    Brilliant. Just wonderful. Can’t wait to use it more! Thank you, thank you,
    thank you!

  15. Meredith Perkins says:

    ASK IT form questions & comments:

    Stanford Brooks:

    Thanks a million. This is great. Thanks

  16. Meredith Perkins says:

    ASK IT form questions & comments:

    Alton Brown:

    I bought some training CDs from last summer. The programs were quite instrumental in helping me prepare to teach PowerPoint on a Macintosh platform, something that up until that time I had never done.

  17. Meredith Perkins says:

    ASK IT form questions & comments:

    Veronica Romano:

    This is awesome! I have used Lynda for years especially when upgrades are introduced to keep up with the pace of technology in my classroom. In addition, I have been inspired by and have incorporated various teaching techniques.
    OFF CAMPUS access to Lynda will encourage faculty to maintain a “current” level of instruction and in my opinion, is a winning solution to cost effective employee training on many levels.
    Thank you IT, TDT & CET for your innovative efforts to keep FIT the best Fashion Institute of “TECHNOLOGY”.

  18. Meredith Perkins says:

    ASK IT form questions & comments:

    Matthew Michaels:

    I like the MS Access training on this site. Easy to follow. My suggestion for the listing page is to provide an index menu to guide the use to the different topics. The list is too long to scroll and search.

    Matthew Michaels
    Cataloging Assistant
    FIT Library – Periodicals

  19. Meredith Perkins says:

    ASK IT form questions & comments:

    Susan Presby:

    I am still given a message of access denied. Also, I’m not too impressed with this website. A huge spelling error is on the page.

  20. Meredith Perkins says:

    ASK IT form questions & comments:

    FIT Faculty Member:

    I have used for a few years now and find them an excellent resource for general how to information on a variety of programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Excel, Word,and Flash. However for learning skills specific to my department, Textile/Surface design I have found it very lacking there are no instructions on how to put a design into repeat, draw garment dolls, build a storyboard, or fill a body with a repeated design; to name a few. That said I do see that as something which could easily be addressed making a powerful tool for teachers and students alike.

  21. william hokien says:

    I been using this site and to my surprise is very well done. I believe this is the way to go on training. The only complaint I have is I wish I could do this training at home. It is very difficult to do this at work with out being disrupted.

    Thank for this evaluation and I hope to use this in the future.

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