Email Settings For Droid Phones

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“Ask IT” Question from student Shanna Long:


I was wondering how I can get directions on how to get connected to email through my phone.

Droid Phone

Droid Phone

There are instructions with a blackberry and an iphone but not for the droid.  If I had the domain names and exchange server name I could probably do it myself but I can’t find them anywhere. Can you please help.

Droid phones require a manual email set up.  Hopefully the below will help, if not, I would suggest that you visit Customer Service in C305b as some phone settings can be a be finicky.

Step 1 – will ask for email address and password
Email address is and then your FIT password.

Step 2 – Click on Manual setup
Step 3 – username is “fitsunyfirstname_lastname and then your regular FIT password
Step 4 – server address by default will come up as change that to

This should do the trick, if not, as mentioned, you should visit Customer Service in C305b for further assistance.

Thanks to Shanna Long for sharing her question with us!
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