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“Ask IT” Question:

I have issues with the help desk being so unresponsive to issues.  The entire outsourced message taking process is a waste of time and effort since nothing is ever resolved by Presidium.  They just take messages and nothing is ever resolved except by the FIT internal staff.

Where are the performance metrics for the vendor?  They close tickets before issues are resolved.  The comments on the tickets often have little resemblance to reality and the vendor’s staff is rarely informed or equipped to deal with any problems.  It gets sent back to the FIT staff for resolution.


Hello Nancy,

Thank you for your posted question to Ask IT.  IT Customer Service pulled a few statistics on the call and ticket volume to our external call center, Presidium.  Currently,  70% of all calls/tickets are resolved by Presidium as they are level 1 support questions such as password changes, login issues, and various general requests.

Any ticket opened requiring Level 2 support is immediately forwarded to our in-house Customer Service team for resolution or escalation to Desktop Services.

We appreciate that you feel the FIT internal staff is able to resolve issues.  With the bulk of the level 1 support questions being directed to Presidium, our internal staff is now able to resolve more of the complicated tickets with a faster response time.  Your comments on the quality of information entered into the call center tickets has been taken into consideration, and measures to try and remedy the communication will be taken.

Thank you so much!

Thanks to Nancy Su for sharing her question with us!
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  1. Nathan says:

    I’m curious; I have had a similar experience to Nancy, with most of my issues being sent back to campus. Is it possible to delineate staff and faculty from the general population and see what the resolve rate is for them?

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