FIT Customer Service: Top 5 Questions Asked

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Top Five Questions (and Answers) asked at IT’s Customer Service Help Desk:

#5. How do I access my email, class schedule, angel, my class audit, etc?

A: Go to:

#4. How do I set my security questions?

A: Go to:
Type in your username and password in the dialog box that appears; if using Internet Explorer you must type fitsuny prior to your username.
Select a Question from the drop down menu and answer the question in the fields below.
Click Submit

#3. How do I change my password?

A: Go to:
Your new password MUST have the following:

·       At least six (6) characters

·       At least one (1) capital letter

·       At least one (1) lowercase letter

·       At least one (1) number

·       All passwords are case sensitive—“PassWord” is different from “password”

·       Your new password must be different from your current password

July1980,   FIT4ever, or   87Fido

#2. How often do I have to change my password?

A: Your password expires every 120 days. Emails are sent to remind you to reset your password.

# 1.  What’s my default username and password?

A: When using your password for the first time, the default password is your date of birth in the following format: MmmDDYYYY
Example: If your date of birth is May051983 you would type May051983

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