Some Holiday Spirit(:

Thought this picture was perfect for the holiday spirit. I took this in this place called Covent Garden which is a marketplace that has a lot of very trendy stores as well as a street market where you can find pretty cheap things. Right before I left it was decorated everywhere with Christmas decorations.

-Talisa ūüôā

London Eye

I took this the second week I was here and it is just so beautiful anytime of day really. But at night its very nice cause it changes color. I actually did go on the eye just to say I did it and it was really nice. I went on it during the day so that I could really see all of London.

Sometimes I look through all my photos and it seems so fake. The architecture and the scenery here especially on sunny days or just not rainy days can be so breath taking and surreal.

-Talisa from CSM

Accepted! Countdown to Studying in the UK.

Blogged by: Mollie Attenson

Accepted! I cannot believe days ago I was accepted to study at the University of Westminster. Soon I will venture off once again and travel from New York City to London.¬†Officially¬†I have 76 days until my departure! This is going to be my first time in Europe. I am so excited to start my 6 month adventure. There seems to be so much to do before I takeoff on my¬†journey, including¬†the making of several lists (to do, to pack, to see,¬†etc….) To all my family, friends, and supporters: THANK YOU! Without you guys this trip would not be possible. I am so¬†appreciative¬†of what you do for me. Check here for updates on my life changing¬†journey!