School Starts…

Blogged by: Mollie Attenson

I have completed my first official week of school and my internship. School was great. It was interesting to see how it works in a different country. My grade is based off of one paper and one group project for each class. I am taking London Fashion, Commercial Skills, and Luxury Brand Management. All of my classes seem like topics I will enjoy. I am ready to start learning more in depth about each of them. The class size on average is 45 people, and coming from FIT that is really big. In two of my modules I have 2 teachers per class. It is a lot different from school in the States. School is more relaxed and the teachers depend on you to get the work done on your own time, all you do is turn it in at the end of the semester. I like independent learning, it allows you to research more of what you are interested in, rather than what the teacher tells you to do.

Working at Paper has been a dream so far. I love the people I work with and the company. It is absolutely amazing to see every aspect of developing a new brand. I am excited to participate in  fashion week. Paper will be showing at New York, London, and Paris. All the people I work with are young and well rounded in the fashion industry. It is great having a boss willing to share her knowledge with you. I hope to work in the high-end market when I graduate, so Paper is a perfect fit for me.

This weekend the weather has been freezing and snowy. People do not handle snow well here, almost everything shuts down. I got to see the London Science Museum and the V&A . The Science Museum had a cool exhibit called Energy: fuelling the future. The V&A had a wonderful Fashion Exhibit.

First Few Days in the UK…

Blogged by: Mollie Attenson

  Christmas Morning

So far my time in the UK has been unbelievable! I had my first Christmas with my boyfriend and his family. It was amazing. His family is so welcoming and they make me feel like I am right at home. I am so lucky to have them while I am here. They made my first Christmas unforgettable. I felt like one of the little kids you see in a movie on Christmas morning running down the stairs. Since I do not celebrate Christmas back at home I could not tell you many differences between it USA and UK style.  Something different they do in the UK is called boxing day. Boxing day is kinda like “black friday”.

  Christmas Dinner Mollie style

I am almost back on a normal sleep schedule. The first day I got here I was exhausted I tried to stay up as late as I could to got to bed at a normal hour so I could have a normal sleep pattern. I still wake up or get tired at random hours. Overall, adjusting to the time difference is not so bad.

  Christmas Dinner UK style

The food is really different here. For starters the chocolate is amazing. I do not think I could ever go back to eating American chocolate. They eat a lot of meat and do not have the same brands of food. Chips are a major thing here aka really good fries. We had Chinese for dinner one night and they even came with the meal. The nutritional facts are written differently. Everywhere I go I see Mince pie… something I have yet to try.

  Getting in the Christmas Spirit

I am still adjusting to the money here, they use a lot of coins and not bills. I still do not know which way to look when crossing the road and sometimes walk to the drivers seat thinking it is the passenger side. Across-the-board these last few days have been somewhat surreal, exciting, and thrilling. I look forward to what is to come.Life in the UK is easier than American life in some ways. The tax is already added in to the price of an item at the store, so when you go to pay you don’t pay more then what it says on the ticket. At the movies, you choose your seat when you buy the tickets. You do not have to show up to the theater early to get good seats.

  Liam and I on Christmas

Some Holiday Spirit(:

Thought this picture was perfect for the holiday spirit. I took this in this place called Covent Garden which is a marketplace that has a lot of very trendy stores as well as a street market where you can find pretty cheap things. Right before I left it was decorated everywhere with Christmas decorations.

-Talisa 🙂

Landing a Dream Internship with PAPER London

Blogged by: Mollie Attenson

Finding an internship in a foreign country is not an easy task, especially when you have high standards of the type of company you want to work for. Well, I found the perfect company to work for… PAPER London.  I contacted one of the founders of PAPER and after a few emails back and forth & a Skype interview, I got the position! I am so excited to announce I will be interning with PAPER. I am humbled to get a positon at this company. The angular shapes and use of color in their garments is outstanding.  PAPER creates high-fashioned garments for the high powered, confident, fashion-forward women of society. PAPER recently has been worn by Catt Sadler from E! News  and Pippa Middleton. PAPER founders Philippa Thackeray and Kelly Townsend have now been featured in major publications such as, Vogue. I cannot wait for my first day of work at PAPER!