Ask Away: Q&A!

Blogged by: Mollie Attenson  
Recently, I have been asked some questions about why I am going abroad and over the next few weeks I will be posting and responding to them. Hopefully these questions and answers will help those of you who choose to go through this process at some point. I’m going to title it Q&A and if you have any additional questions feel free to ask!
Q:  How/Why you decided to study abroad after having already moved here from the Midwest?
A: I have traveled all over the USA, some parts of Canada, Mexico, and the US Virgin Islands, but never to Europe. FIT gives its students the opportunity to study abroad, so I thought I would take advantage of it. Being an FMM student I am constantly having conversations about fashions all over the world and I see what a large role European countries play on trends, styles, and textiles. The opportunity to see an explore Europe is something I could not turn down. I want to see firsthand and be involved in the fashion world there. I want to see more of the world and grow as a person. Moving from Michigan to New York City was a big move, but I had been preparing for it since I was a young girl when I learned about the fashion industry. The plane ride to visit home is at most 2 hours long and I am still in the same time zone as my family and friends back home.  I would travel to New York in the summers to attend summer programs. Going to study abroad is the next logical step for me to take. I am very family oriented, and extremely close with all my friends so it will be hard to leave them for 6 months. This opportunity only comes knocking once, why not take it?