London Fashion Week

Blogged by: Mollie Attenson

London Fashion Week was more than I ever imagined! It was incredible. LFW is so much different from New York Fashion week. All the people are so posh, fashion forward, and knowledgeable. New York Fashion Week has a strange mix of people and people who want to be in the fashion world, but cannot quite figure out their own style. There are two main tents for shows and inside Somerset House there are exhibitions. The exhibitors are designers and the set up a space to show their new collection. You need a special pass to have access to them, it is mostly buyers and photographers who can go and see the new collections. I was lucky enough the get a pass from my internship because they were showing. Everything at LFW is very exclusive. I really enjoyed being able to see how fashion week worked in another country. It was interesting to compare it to New York. I meet some really cool people and was able to expand my horizons in the fashion industry. Even people watching was beyond words when I stood outside the tents. I cannot wait to go back for another season!




Blogged by: Mollie Attenson
Orientation at Westminster is much different than how it was my first year at FIT. It was only 1.5 days long and finished with a cruise around London. It covered the basics of school and answered our questions. The cruise was a great way to meet new people and to see London. After the cruise my friends and I went to a  place called Fischer’s Hell around the corner. It was nice to have a night out in London and hang with locals. We all came to the conclusion that the people here are much nicer than the people in New York. They invited us to come to their table and told us all the cool places to go in London. We all had a great night. 

London Calling!

Blogged by: Mollie Attenson
I am finally moved in to my new place! I absolutely love the city of London! On Saturday I started my journey from Manchester to London. It took 3.5 hours in the car. I moved all my things in and set up my room.

The rooms at Harrow Hall are small, but you get your own bathroom which is nice. I have 5 other people in my hall. I have not met them yet, they move in next week. I am still settling in and will share pictures when my room is complete.

Sunday I explored the city. London is amazing! Liam showed me around. We went to The Houses of Parliament, saw Big Ben, the London Eye, 10 Downing Street, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Leicester Square, and Camden Town. I got to ride on a double decker bus. It was a great getting to live like a tourist and experiencing all different things around the city. I am looking forward to doing many more things around London.

Moving in!  
London eye
M&M World Leicester Square
Telephone booth in London
Camden Town
 Buckingham Palace
Queen’s Guard 
Trafalgar Square

London Lingo for Dummies by Meaghan C.

Blogged by: Mollie Attenson
Meaghan has been an angel on helping me prepare for London. She has formulated a list for all of the people going to check out. Go ahead and read them… you may giggle, but they are words/things you should know before departure. THANK YOU MEAGHAN!!
Common Words
  • “Alright?” – Hey, How are you?
  • “Cheers” – Thank You
  • “My/Me Gaff” – My Home
  • “Flat” – Apartment
  • “Footie” – Soccer
  • “Tube” – The Subway
  • “Bin” – The Garbage Can
  • “Rubbish” – Trash
  • “Loo” – The Bathroom
  • “Lift” – The Elevator
  • “Jumper” – A Sweater
  • “Que” – The Line
  • “Till” – The Checkout Counter


  • “Cheeky” – Naughty or Scandalous
  • “Knackered” – Exhausted
  • “ She looks Hanging” – Unattractive
  • “This morning I was Hanging” – You were hung-over
  • “Fit” – Good-looking
  • “This shirt looks Rammel” – Gross
  • “Wow those shoes smell Rank” – Awful
  • “Dodgey” – Sketchy
  • “Gutted” – Bummed
  • “Naff” – Uncool
  • “Pissed” – Drunk
  • “Posh” – High Class
  • “Sweeties” – Candy
  • “Biscuits” – Cookies
  • “Fizzy Drink” – Soda
  • “Crips” – Potato Chips
  • “Chips” – French Fries
  • “Jacket Potato” – Baked Potato
At The Bar
  • “Bevvy” or “Tinney” – a Beer
  • “Pint of Cider” – When you are getting on tap ask for a “pint” of whatever you are drinking, they will try to give you a bottle and charge extra.
  • “Fag” or “Chief” – Cigarette
  • “Baccy” – Tobacco
  • “Straight” – A pre-rolled cigarette
  • “That’s Bollacks” – Technically means balls, but used to describe something that seems to be crap
  • “To pull a girl” – To chat up a girl, usually get a kiss as well
  • “Have a do” –To party
  • “Snog”­ – To Kiss
  • “Wanker” or “Baghead” or “Tosser” or “Twat” or “Yanke”– You’re being insulted
Top 10 Things You Must Try
1. Fish and Chips from any Pub, the more local the spot the better
2. Strongbow and/or Bulmers hard cider
3. “Cider and Black” – order at the bar, it’s cider poured into a pint glass over
a bit of black current, which makes it a bit sweeter.
4. Pimms – their version of a spiked lemonade, order at a restaurant
5. Nando’s – it’s a chain restaurant, cheap filling meal with the best sauces
ever. Students live there.
6. “Peri Peri Chips” – you can get them most places but its this salt infused
with spices that they put on fries.
7. Curry – they have the best Indian cuisine
8. Pizza Express – also a chain, pretty cheap, but the best pizza you will find
besides Dominos.
9. Weatherspoon’s – it’s a chain pub that are EVERYWHERE, the food is all
right but its good, cheap drinks.
10.Crisps – Walk into a Tesco or Sainsbury’s (grocery stores) and try different
bags of chips they have the craziest flavors.

Some Holiday Spirit(:

Thought this picture was perfect for the holiday spirit. I took this in this place called Covent Garden which is a marketplace that has a lot of very trendy stores as well as a street market where you can find pretty cheap things. Right before I left it was decorated everywhere with Christmas decorations.

-Talisa 🙂