London Lingo for Dummies by Meaghan C.

Blogged by: Mollie Attenson
Meaghan has been an angel on helping me prepare for London. She has formulated a list for all of the people going to check out. Go ahead and read them… you may giggle, but they are words/things you should know before departure. THANK YOU MEAGHAN!!
Common Words
  • “Alright?” – Hey, How are you?
  • “Cheers” – Thank You
  • “My/Me Gaff” – My Home
  • “Flat” – Apartment
  • “Footie” – Soccer
  • “Tube” – The Subway
  • “Bin” – The Garbage Can
  • “Rubbish” – Trash
  • “Loo” – The Bathroom
  • “Lift” – The Elevator
  • “Jumper” – A Sweater
  • “Que” – The Line
  • “Till” – The Checkout Counter


  • “Cheeky” – Naughty or Scandalous
  • “Knackered” – Exhausted
  • “ She looks Hanging” – Unattractive
  • “This morning I was Hanging” – You were hung-over
  • “Fit” – Good-looking
  • “This shirt looks Rammel” – Gross
  • “Wow those shoes smell Rank” – Awful
  • “Dodgey” – Sketchy
  • “Gutted” – Bummed
  • “Naff” – Uncool
  • “Pissed” – Drunk
  • “Posh” – High Class
  • “Sweeties” – Candy
  • “Biscuits” – Cookies
  • “Fizzy Drink” – Soda
  • “Crips” – Potato Chips
  • “Chips” – French Fries
  • “Jacket Potato” – Baked Potato
At The Bar
  • “Bevvy” or “Tinney” – a Beer
  • “Pint of Cider” – When you are getting on tap ask for a “pint” of whatever you are drinking, they will try to give you a bottle and charge extra.
  • “Fag” or “Chief” – Cigarette
  • “Baccy” – Tobacco
  • “Straight” – A pre-rolled cigarette
  • “That’s Bollacks” – Technically means balls, but used to describe something that seems to be crap
  • “To pull a girl” – To chat up a girl, usually get a kiss as well
  • “Have a do” –To party
  • “Snog”­ – To Kiss
  • “Wanker” or “Baghead” or “Tosser” or “Twat” or “Yanke”– You’re being insulted
Top 10 Things You Must Try
1. Fish and Chips from any Pub, the more local the spot the better
2. Strongbow and/or Bulmers hard cider
3. “Cider and Black” – order at the bar, it’s cider poured into a pint glass over
a bit of black current, which makes it a bit sweeter.
4. Pimms – their version of a spiked lemonade, order at a restaurant
5. Nando’s – it’s a chain restaurant, cheap filling meal with the best sauces
ever. Students live there.
6. “Peri Peri Chips” – you can get them most places but its this salt infused
with spices that they put on fries.
7. Curry – they have the best Indian cuisine
8. Pizza Express – also a chain, pretty cheap, but the best pizza you will find
besides Dominos.
9. Weatherspoon’s – it’s a chain pub that are EVERYWHERE, the food is all
right but its good, cheap drinks.
10.Crisps – Walk into a Tesco or Sainsbury’s (grocery stores) and try different
bags of chips they have the craziest flavors.