Venice Carnevale

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to Venice to attend the world-renowned carnevale. It was unlike anything I have ever experience. It was basically adult Halloween, minus the skimpy outfits. Venice was absolutely packed but I still managed to have a great time. I was also very fortunate because, although it as very cold, it wasn’t raining. My friends and I went with a travel company by bus.

We arrived to Venice around noon where we then took the water taxi to the heart of this floating city. Everything about the boat ride was surreal. How many places have boat taxis to begin with?? As the boat neared the city, I began to see the gorgeous houses on the water, each one unique, and the ever so famous gondolas that I had only seen in travel brochures and movies. As a typical tourist, I couldn’t put down my camera; I just had to get a picture of every single thing. We got off at Piazza San Marco, one of the main plazas in Venice and the heart of the carnevale festivities.

We began walking through the small side streets with no real aim, we just wanted to explore the city. Lunchtime rolled around and we settled on a small Italian restaurant called Trattoria Sempione. Venice is known to have excellent seafood so I ordered calamari to start and then spaghetti with king crab as a main dish (it was one of the most delicious meals I have ever had!).

Afterwards we continued to walk around and take pictures with magnificently dressed people. Everyone seemed to have walked straight off of a movie set with their detailed and majestic costumes. Even the children were meticulously dressed as kings, queens, Mickey Mouses, supermans, and cowboys. We made it back to Florence at 1am, covered in confetti and glitter, exhausted, and incredibly happy. It was definitely and experience I will always remember. Later this semester I want to return to Venice and experience the city with less masked individuals, more walking space, and less layers of clothing.