Q: What does the preparation process really entail?

Blogged by: Mollie Attenson

A: Preparation to go abroad seems simple, apply, fill out a few forms, registration, packing, booking a flight, and arrival. Believe me when I tell you it entails a lot more then that. The first thing I recommend for anyone is to have a plan. Yes, I am still in the process but having a plan has helped me thus far. You also need a lot of patience, this process entails a lot of waiting. Break it down into stages…

Stage 1-

Application process
Waiting Process
Interview Process
Course/ Module Selection
Waiting Process

Stage 2
Booking a Flight
Application to Westminster
Paperwork for FIT
Contacting Companies for an Internship
Planning for Time while in the UK
Packing Lists
Research of Harrow and UWM
Stage 3…
Is still to come…