Some Holiday Spirit(:

Thought this picture was perfect for the holiday spirit. I took this in this place called Covent Garden which is a marketplace that has a lot of very trendy stores as well as a street market where you can find pretty cheap things. Right before I left it was decorated everywhere with Christmas decorations.

-Talisa 🙂

London Eye

I took this the second week I was here and it is just so beautiful anytime of day really. But at night its very nice cause it changes color. I actually did go on the eye just to say I did it and it was really nice. I went on it during the day so that I could really see all of London.

Sometimes I look through all my photos and it seems so fake. The architecture and the scenery here especially on sunny days or just not rainy days can be so breath taking and surreal.

-Talisa from CSM

New Blogger here from CSM

Hi everyone!

I’m currently studying abroad in London at CSM for the fashion design knitwear pathway. at FIT I will be in my 6th semester when I get back concentrating in sportswear. So if you are interested in applying for your 5th semester of fashion design I would say go for it! Just consider that the schools are very different from each other so the best advice I can give is to really keep an open mind and in a way forget what you have learned thus far and take in the new ways of learning while you are here for the best results.

This is what the walk to CSM looks like when you get out of the King’s Cross tube station (of course this was on a beautiful sunny day though. It’s not always like that)

The biggest difference I have found here is that CSM is very independent type of study. You only see your tutor (a.k.a prof) about 2 or 3 times a week for a few hours usually 10-4pm. and the school sewing machines and electrical equipment shut down at 5pm unless there is a night class (which I found a bit difficult when it came to the final project) so no 2am late nights like at FIT haha. But i guess they do that for a reason cause either way the tube (a.k.a subway) closes at midnight so you wouldn’t be able to get back home unless you caught the night busses. Also I only had like 2 big projects and then a group project in the beginning of the term so something I found helpful was not having to worry about so many diff classes at a time. I really got to focus, research and experiment more for an individual project which really pushed my creativity.

I don’t want to ramble so I will be posting frequently since my program ends next week and I want to be able share with you all as much as possible! without writing an essay haha. If you have any questions I’d be more than happy to answer them as soon as I can.

-Talisa 🙂