Carnival of Venice

So…I went on a day trip to the Carnival of Venice…& it was EXTREMELY rainy and windy!!! It was cold as well, but I had on so many layers that only really my fingers & toes could feel it. But, you know, I couldn’t even complain because I was looking forward to seeing a bunch of masked figures walking around the rainy streets of Venice, I thought it would look scarier and leave a lot more to the imagination (or maybe thats just me, being a huge fanatic of the ID channel & and serial killers; but yet i’m a fashion

I actually didn’t get to see as many masked figures as I thought, although I did see a few on the water taxi on the way to Venice. I didn’t get a picture though (the picture above is from National Geographic) because I was thinking I was going to see WAAAAY more once I finally got to St. Marks Square…I was wrong!! So a bit of advice….take as many pics as possible!!!! Even the pics that I took in the rain that I thought were really dumb ended up looking 10 times better once I looked at em at home…

But Venice is very beautiful…even in the rain! I’ve been there once before a few summers ago and it was amazing! Even though it was raining this time, I still wasn’t that upset because you have to think about it…you’re in italy!!!! who cares if its raining….if you check the weather and dress for it…then at least you’re always prepared! But, one last thing….if you ever get a chance to go…please make sure to ride the Gondola, its the best part of Venice in my opinion!

Until we meet again….

Ciao!!! xoxoxoxo