When in Rome, Do As the Romans Do

Blogged by: Mollie Attenson

Recently I went to Rome with my friend Laura. I saw (all the sights), I battled (where to eat), and I conquered (all the shopping). It was such a great experience. I loved being able to see where history was made. Rome is like no other city I have seen before. The buildings and ancient ruins are breathtaking. I had to remember to put my camera down and enjoy the moment. Food in Rome is fresh  and delicious. The language was hard to understand but the people are helpful and are willing to take time to explain things to tourist, like directions. Below is a list of things I recommend on your trip to Rome…

Radisson Blu es. Hotel, Rome ✩Via Filippo Turati, 171, 00185 Rome, Italy
✩Spanish Steps- Piazza di Spagna✩  The Pantheon✩ Piazza Navona✩ Fontana dei Trevi ✩Vatican City ✩ The Piazza Venezia✩ Basilica Uipia (Forum of Trajan)✩Constantinès Basilica✩Forum Romano (Roman Forum)✩ Palatino (Palatine Hill) ✩Colosseum ✩Sinagoga✩Shopping✩

Ristorante Mensa di Bacco
Osteria la Quercia
Trattoria Fiammetta
La Bottega Del Caffe
Trattoria Cecio
Osteria Spaghetti


Caffe Ciampini
Kosher Gelato
Gelateria Della Palma


Blogged by Mollie Attenson

School is winding down and I only have one exam left. I decided to get out of London and travel. My first stop was Paris. It was amazing. I love exploring another city and seeing how others live. It was really interesting to be somewhere where the main language is not English, but it was not to hard to adapt to it. Here are some recommendations…
Yummy Eats in Paris:
La Terrasse du 7ème (by the Tour Eiffel)
  • http://www.laterrassedu7.com/

Angelina (by Musée du Louvre)

  • http://www.angelina-paris.fr/

L’as du Falafel

  • https://plus.google.com/115347975969490413823/about?gl=uk&hl=en


  • http://404-resto.com/restaurant/paris/404/menus/

Renoma Cafe (by Arc de Triomphe) 

  • http://www.renoma-cafe-gallery.com/

Laduree (by Arc de Triomphe)

  • http://www.laduree.fr/

A few Activities:  

Musée d’Orsay  Tour Eiffel ✩Champs-Elysees Avenue✩Arc de Triomphe✩Musée du Louvre ✩Pont des Arts- Love Locks ✩1st Chanel Store- 31 rue Cambon✩Rue Saint-Honoré✩Cathédrale de Notre-Dame✩Rue Rosiers (jewish quarter)✩Center Pompidou✩Palace of Versailles✩

Weekend Full of Street Markets and Art

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Saturday: Portobello Market-Portobello Street in Notting Hill has a great market to visit on a Saturday. It offers many vendors who sell great antiques, vintage, and collectables. I went to it I got to experience the craziness of the hustle and bustle. The market and street are lined with colors and filled with energy. The market is great for people watching. There are some interesting characters to spot while you walk through it. A lot of talented artist also contribute to the amusement of the market. One section is lined with food vendors who sell anything from traditional food to food from around the world. It is a must see for anyone visiting the UK!

Sunday: Day Trip to Bristol-
This past Sunday I took a day trip to Bristol to visit Liam’s sister. His sister was an amazing tour guide! I got to see a new part of the UK and another school. One of our first stops was The Matthew on Bristol’s harbor side. It is a reconstruction of the boat used by John Cabot when he discovered Newfoundland in 1497. It was a cool experience to be on the Matthew, it felt like we were children playing on a pirate ship. One of my favorite parts of Bristol was seeing all the amazing street art. Many famous street artists such as, Nick Walker and Banksy, contribute to the colorful walls in the city.  It The use of colors and techniques are inspiring, innovative, and daring.

London Fashion Week

Blogged by: Mollie Attenson

London Fashion Week was more than I ever imagined! It was incredible. LFW is so much different from New York Fashion week. All the people are so posh, fashion forward, and knowledgeable. New York Fashion Week has a strange mix of people and people who want to be in the fashion world, but cannot quite figure out their own style. There are two main tents for shows and inside Somerset House there are exhibitions. The exhibitors are designers and the set up a space to show their new collection. You need a special pass to have access to them, it is mostly buyers and photographers who can go and see the new collections. I was lucky enough the get a pass from my internship because they were showing. Everything at LFW is very exclusive. I really enjoyed being able to see how fashion week worked in another country. It was interesting to compare it to New York. I meet some really cool people and was able to expand my horizons in the fashion industry. Even people watching was beyond words when I stood outside the tents. I cannot wait to go back for another season!




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I have recently started making a list of things I have done so far in London. I have realized how fortunate I am to have this opportunity, that many others do not get. I have also started to make a list of places I want to go while I am here.

 One thing I did was go and see the Valentino: Master of Couture exhibit at the Somerset House. It was unbelievable to see over 130 divine haute couture designs worn by icons over the past decades. The installation was breathtaking. It is set up like a runway and allows the viewer to get close to all the garments. It was inspiring to see Valentino’s work. I cannot believe how much he has accomplished so far. It really proves that anything is possible.

I am really enjoying my time so far. London is such an amazing city. It reminds me of a BIG New York, which is cleaner and where the people have better accents.