Finding Funding for Studying Abroad

Many students dream of taking a class in a faraway country, but very few can afford it. Figuring out how to pay for the semester is scary enough, let alone finding the money to experience that semester elsewhere.

I came across this problem myself, and learned very quickly that spending a semester abroad would be near impossible to fund with a retail job and graduation cash. FIT students are unaware of how many hidden opportunities there are to fund a trip to a different country .

Presidential Scholars, the FIT honors program, encourages a global education and makes it possible by offering scholarships each year for study abroad opportunities.

Last year, the program received a donation from the Barnes and Noble Foundation and decided to create grants for up to $2000 each. These grants were available to 25 students who came up with projects to travel the world.

One student to took a language class in Moscow, Russia; another student chose to teach English in Crete, Greece. I received a grant to paint a mural at the American Hospital of Paris. I worked with a charity who supplied the materials so the grant allowed me to stay in Bastille, Paris for 18 days.

All of the students who received grants this summer are presenting their projects on November 28th, if anyone would like to come please let me know! It would be a great opportunity to get some inspiration for overseas projects and tips for finding funds.