Weekend Full of Street Markets and Art

Blogged by: Mollie Attenson

Saturday: Portobello Market-Portobello Street in Notting Hill has a great market to visit on a Saturday. It offers many vendors who sell great antiques, vintage, and collectables. I went to it I got to experience the craziness of the hustle and bustle. The market and street are lined with colors and filled with energy. The market is great for people watching. There are some interesting characters to spot while you walk through it. A lot of talented artist also contribute to the amusement of the market. One section is lined with food vendors who sell anything from traditional food to food from around the world. It is a must see for anyone visiting the UK!

Sunday: Day Trip to Bristol-
This past Sunday I took a day trip to Bristol to visit Liam’s sister. His sister was an amazing tour guide! I got to see a new part of the UK and another school. One of our first stops was The Matthew on Bristol’s harbor side. It is a reconstruction of the boat used by John Cabot when he discovered Newfoundland in 1497. It was a cool experience to be on the Matthew, it felt like we were children playing on a pirate ship. One of my favorite parts of Bristol was seeing all the amazing street art. Many famous street artists such as, Nick Walker and Banksy, contribute to the colorful walls in the city.  It The use of colors and techniques are inspiring, innovative, and daring.